“It was an honour to have Christina presided over the 5th InRetail Summit: United Arab Emirates. As our Mistress of Ceremony, she brought her A game! With her enthusiasm and in-depth retail knowledge, Christina kept the audience engaged and injected real insight on subjects that ranged from omni-channel, e-commerce, as well as traditional consumer retailing. Christina’s knowledge of current challenges and future retail trends would be invaluable to any organisation looking for cutting edge knowledge to stay ahead and dominate their industry.”
~A.E., DMG Events

“I have been working with Christina since 2006 and her professionalism, expertise and innovative approach have never seized to amaze me. I have experienced Christina’s unique training styles as their client at one of the world’s leading energy companies (Shell) and in a global professional services firm (PA Consulting). I have been impressed by her ability to adapt the delivery style to the audience and engage even the most difficult groups.”
~A.P., PA Consulting Group, UK

“Many thanks for the excellent keynote this afternoon.Everyone really enjoyed it and you are an excellent facilitator.”
~M. M., Shell

“Christina is a motivational speaker who has brought life and passion to this event. I would love to see more events and be part of them in the future”.
~M.C, Natixis Global Asset Management, Dubai

“Changed my life”.
~A. A-M, ADMA- OPCO, Dubai

“Amazing speaker. In terms of pushing me to put everything in action”.
~S.H., Saudi Entrepreneur

“Christina’s style is wonderful. I really enjoyed it and also benefited from it”.
~E.S., King Saud University

“The speaker/trainer was great who opened new horizons for me to think about. Also, I learnt a lot of new methods of enhancing my work level. Thank you”.
~K. A. Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce

“As a manager/director myself, up until now I did things sort of intuitively and based on my own personal work experience. It is very empowering for me to realise, thanks to this session, that a body of literature by experts, top managers and business gurus exists, where they have documented and developed how to best hone leadership skills in the workplace and business world. I hope to be able to become a better leader/director in my work to climb the career ladder and always remember, in my heart, that I owe some of it to the wonderful speaker, Christina, who conducted it. Thank you!”.
~D. D- S, Lebanese American University

“It was one of the best sessions I’ve had and yes, I would definitely say I have changed some of my habits in talking to people to be more efficient. Also, I do recall that I liked your moderation of the training a lot: very bright, straight to the point, no surprise as you are yourself very noticeable and outstanding. Thanks again.”
~O. T., Shell

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Christina for 2 years and recently she ran a keynote on Mentoring at IBM. Christina’s approach was refreshing and exactly right for the audience, delivered with enthusiasm and the benefit of experience. The feedback was excellent with all attending saying it made a big difference to how they were going to be approaching their careers with their Mentoring plan. I felt that Christina’s approach was innovative, yet friendly and meant that all of the audience was totally engaged which produced some excellent discussion and results. I would involve Christina in any training opportunities I had at any time!“
~V.C., IBM

“I had the pleasure of working with Christina developing a series of workshops aimed at enabling professional leadership. I found Christina very easy to work with and extremely responsive to feedback, adjusting the workshops each time to perfect them for the audience. The sessions themselves were interactive and laid back with plenty of hands on activities. Feedback from the participants was amazing – everyone left with tips and ideas that were easy and practical to put into practice.”
~N. M., Accenture